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Gene Test for Hereditary Cancer

 Learn your genetic risk for the most common hereditary cancers



Here's what you'll find in your report:

  • Clear results about the presence or absence of any mutations that increase your risk for developing cancer
  • Personalized cancer risk information
  • Cancer screening guidelines published by experts
  • Info on how your results might impact your family

PGX (Pharmacogenomics Testing) The right medication + the right dose= Decreased negative side effects.

 PGX Testing offers a wide range of testing solutions to help both the patient and physician determine which is the right drug and the right dose regardless of the patients gender, race or age. 

 Currently in doctors’ offices all over the world, patients are given medications that either don’t work or have severe side effects. Often, a patient must return to their doctor over and over again until the doctor can find a drug that is right for them. PGX Testing offers a very appealing alternative.

Imagine a day when you go into your doctor’s office and, after a simple and rapid saliva test of your DNA, your doctor changes her/his mind about a drug considered for you because your genetic test indicates that you could suffer a severe negative reaction to the medication. However, upon further examination of your test results, your doctor finds that you would benefit greatly from a new drug on the market, and that there would be little likelihood that you would react negatively to it. This day has come. Welcome to PGX Testing.

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